We are a farm family that lives, breathes and works on a certified organic farm of approximately 60 acres.  We raise St. Croix hair sheep, chickens (layers), vegetables and custom graze organic dairy replacement cows during the growing season. We have sold our vegetables to New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City. Our farm is in the final stages of being converted from cropland into a grassfarm. We practice Holistic Management on our farm. We employ high density planned grazing with the dairy cows, with the sheep following after. We have seen a huge increase in health of our soil and grasslands.

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Our sheep are 100% grassfed (no grain fed at all). We typically sell our ram lambs at 15 months of age, so as to have enough size to justify the processing cost. We do sell eggs to local customers. Our lamb is mild and tasty (we know as we eat it ourselves). 

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